15 Take Aways from Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofits with Jen Novak of Next Rise Marketing

  1. Direct people back to your website through your social media profiles, and many of your social media posts! Ensure you have a strong website with good design, flow and functionality.
  2. Various goals and benefits of social media, such as: to “tell the story” and share the purpose and impact of your organization, driving traffic to website, recruiting and recognizing volunteers, recruiting and recognizing donors and other contributors, overall reach and awareness, to collect information/pictures/videos you can then leverage, and more!
  3. One of your social media goals and strategies is to try and collect email addresses for key stakeholder groups, like volunteers, and add to your CRM tool/system, so you can include them in communication channels like annual event invites (i.e. Annual Volunteer Appreciation Day) and/or eNewsletter.
  4. Step 1 for Social Media Success is to determine your “target market” (i.e. donors/sponsors, volunteers, beneficiaries of services, etc.) and how you will measure success
  5. Step 2 for Social Media Success is to learn about each social media platform, and choose 2-3 platforms that make sense for you to be active on (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube), and create accounts.
  6. Step 3 for Social Media Success is to get all the legal stuff documented (i.e. log-in information for every account). Nothing is worse than having someone create an account and get started, and then a year later they’re no longer volunteering/working at your organization, you can’t get ahold of them, and you can’t access your account!
  7. Step 4 for Social Media Success is to determine your best media options (i.e. owned, earned and/or paid media).
    • Owned media/sites are those you own, such as your own sites and content you’re sharing.
    • Earned media results from organic shares and likes, such as some of your volunteers ‘Sharing’ or ‘Commenting’ on one of your posts, which results in it then showing up in the feed to their network.
    • Paid media are the sponsored ads you could choose to pay money for if you want to increase visibility of a post.
  8. Step 5 for Social Media Success is to determine types of content that would be interesting and engaging to your “target audience,” and then to start creating, sharing and monitoring content. What does your audience seem to respond to?
  9. Recognize that there’s 3 types of volunteers, and identify which bucket they each fall into: ongoing/repeat volunteers, ambassadors/advocates and volunteers for specific events/projects. Use social media as a way to recognize volunteers (show appreciation), share volunteer opportunities to recruit, highlight results/impact of volunteering, etc.!
  10. Do some research to identify different handles/pages that do social media right, and review their posts to see how they use social media (EX’s @itsdougthepug, @unicef, @nomadartbus, @AMIkids).
  11. Follow to be followed! If someone relevant to your target audience follows you, follow them back!
  12. Always be responsive! If someone tweets something at you, ReTweet if it makes sense. Or thank them for sharing. Respond to each message/post on social media that you’re tagged in.
  13. Use hashtags across all social media platforms. Identify the best hashtags for your nonprofit, which you can identify via trial and error, through trends in similar nonprofits and what they’re using, or using a hashtag generator like https://www.all-hashtag.com/hashtag-generator.php. For EX, if you’re a dog rescue in St. Pete, you could try these hashtags – #DogRescue #AdoptADog #AdoptDontShop #Nonprofits #StPete #TampaBay.
  14. Identify any posts/pictures people might be tagging you in, and use an app like Repost to share their post/picture. Give them credit and thank them!
  15. Utilize tools to help you in certain areas:
  • Buffer or Hootsuite – schedule your posts!
  • Canva, Adobe Spark, WordSwag, iMovie or Screenflow – help with imagery, merging pictures into video collage, and more!

See Jen’s slides via Nextrise.co/tech4good

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